HSN code of injection mold

HS code Product name Product specifications
84807190.90 Plastic cup mould Used for making plastic cups|Plastic|Unlicensed|Untyped|For injection molding
84807190.90 Forming mold Used in the production of injection molded plastic products|Plastics|Unlicensed|Untyped|Plastic particles melting
84807190.90 Compression molds for rubber products Model N6414-HHO/Unbranded/Applicable rubber products
84807190.90 Injection mold parts: inserts Special parts for injection mold|Applicable plastic|Unlicensed|No model|Install this insert (letter stamp)
84807190.90 Interior panel of armrest box Making auto parts|PP plastic|KYOWACHINA|640
84807190.90 Exterior panel of armrest box Making auto parts|PP plastic|KYOWACHINA|640
84807190.90 Stationery Mould Used in the production of rulers, pencil boxes and other stationery|polypropylene|unlicensed|no model
84807190.90 Plastic terminal mold Used to produce plastic parts|Plastic particles|Unbranded|15465-5|Li
84807190.90 Rubber product molding die For the production of rubber products|Applicable materials: Rubber|Unlicensed|135124-45000700
84807190.90 Plastic lid mould Used for manufacturing plastic caps|Plastic|Unlicensed|Untyped|Injection molding
84807190.90 Plastic inner part mould Used for manufacturing plastic inner parts|Plastic|Unlicensed|No model|Injection molding
84807190.90 Rubber product mold Used to make rubber insulators|Rubber|Unlicensed|P20|Injection mold
84807190.90 Shoulder injection mould For processing hose pipe shoulder|Plastic|Baotian brand|No model|cold runner
84807190.90 Molding (for injection molding) For injection molding|Cast iron|Unlicensed|No model|Injection molding
84807190.90 Plastic cover module (complete set of spare parts) Used to assemble into a mold|PVC|Unbranded|G131001|Compressed original
84807190.90 5-inch mold core For compression mold|plastic|Unbranded|No model|By the fixed pattern on the mold core, yes
84807190.90 Stamping die For punching plastic products|Steel material|Unbranded|24890D470A|
84807190.90 Sample mold EPP automotive parts trial production (plastics)|EPP|Unbranded|BASE
84807190.90 Plastic laminated film Used for packaging machine, the P film is compressed and sealed by pressing the film|plastic PVC|HOO
84807190.90 Injection component (injection mold core) Making a plastic preform|plastic|SIPA|no model|bottle heated by a mold